Shanghai massage

shanghai massage shanghai massage
shanghai massage
[chinese massage] 188RMB/60mins [japanese massage] 198RMB/60mins
[Hong Kong massage] 168RMB/60mins [Korea massage] 198RMB/60mins
[oil massage]
[two person massage] 400RMB/60mins
A world of relaxation awaits you At Good Shanghai Massage. Of course youll want to indulge in one of our exclusive body and skin treatments. But dont stop at just that try the smooth sensational feeling like of A hand of silk, allow our staff of exercise professionals to provide you with an exhilarating feeling beyond your wildest imagination.We will create an environment for you to relax your mind and body, renew your life energy, refresh and rejuvenate you as well as attain harmony and balance in your life .Let us care for your body and your soul. Service: shanghai massage, Massage shanghai, Massage in shanghai, Shanghai escort
(Call us when you get taxi, we will tell the full address to taxi driver and the driver will take you to the exact place)TEL: 13816429036 (24 hours)
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